The Pathways Course

It's Time To Monetize Your Expertise  

Your first step to more freedom, recurring revenue and having a bigger impact is creating a profitable online program you can leverage for life.  

Discover which path to profits is right for you! 

As a coach, consultant, speaker or trainer…

  • Have you been working with clients 1-on-1 and know it is time to expand your income and capacity to work with more clients?  
  • Are you feeling limited by the “private client” business model, knowing it limits your ability to grow, scale or eventually sell? 
  • Do you have people within your tribe who want to work with you, but can't afford your private coaching fees?  
  • Do you know having an online program is a smart way to leverage but not sure where to begin?  
  • Are you leaving your corporate position and unsure how to parley years of experience into a profitable, leveraged business? 

If yes, you are not alone! 90% of expert entrepreneurs are working too hard, earning too little and impacting only a fraction of the people they are here to serve.

I’ve got good news… 

There is a solution. With the advances in technology and the evolution of course design best practices, there has never been a better time to jump into eLearning and turn your experience and expertise into a profitable online program, that impacts meaningful change and creates recurring revenues for years to come.  

In fact, trying to grow your business without some sort of online program is not only challenging, it teeters on the verge of insanity. Yet most coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers don’t take the leap. They remain trapped in a business model that limits their income, dilutes the impact of their work and keeps them selling their time for money… forever.  

What’s stopping you?

Here’s the deal… until you identify what’s stopping you, you’ll continue to have the business and income you have today. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the most common reasons people stop short of creating an online program. 

Which one describes you? 

  • I don’t know where or how to begin. 
  • I am not sure which course I should offer first or what to put online. 
  • I’ve no clue how to translate my intuitive process into great course content. 
  • I’m concerned that the impact of my work will be diluted if I take it online. 
  • Each client’s path is unique and requires my personal, intuitive guidance. 
  • I’m intimidated by the whole tech piece and concerned I’ll get bogged down. 
  • I’m afraid I will build it and then won’t be able to sell it.  

Beyond that… most experts do not turn their expertise and experience into a profitable online program because they listen to the small voice inside that says… 

You’re not ready.

It’s already been done.

Who are you to do this?

It’s time to take a stand!

Melissa Seaman, Intuitive Business Mentor

Benefits Of Creating Your First Online Course… Now!

In business and in life, to achieve an important goal, you have to first get clear about the benefits (the pleasure) you will experience as a result of taking courageous action.  

So dear friend… here are just a few of the many benefits you will enjoy when you take the leap and create your first online course.  

Benefit 1

The greatest benefit is the clarity you gain around your client’s Success Path. Understanding the step-by-step process you guide clients through provides mind-blowing clarity about how you help clients get what they want. 

Benefit 2

This newfound clarity breeds a new level of confidence – both in your ability to describe what you do in a more engaging way and your ability to deliver to clients what they came to you for. 

Benefit 3

With this deeper understanding of your proven process, you instantly become a better coach, trainer and facilitator, because you know what your ideal client needs to experience success.

Benefit 4 

Your marketing message and sales copy also become clear and compelling, giving potential clients a clear understanding of how you will help them achieve the results they desire.

Benefit 5

If you are speaker, workshop facilitator, or event host, you will have a plethora of course content to draw from to demonstrate your expertise, share your unique process and craft compelling offers that attract your ideal client. 

Benefit 6

With your course mapped out and online, you will have an affordable self-study option for those who want to work with you, but can’t afford to pay your private coaching fees. 

Benefit 7

Want to publish a book? Your course content becomes the springboard for your Table of Contents, saving you hundreds of hours lamenting over what to include. Your course then becomes the affordable “next step” for those who want more.

Benefit 8

With an online program you free yourself from only working one-to-one with clients and open yourself up to group and self-study programs that generate income without working so hard.

Benefit 9 

Want to go global? Imagine reaching virtual students anywhere in the world, enabling you to position yourself as a global change agent who receives invitations to speak on an international stage.

Benefit 10

Perhaps my favorite benefit of creating your first program is that it is the first step to your client success path and by taking it online, you can explore opportunities to expand, such as certification, train the trainer and accreditations programs.

Our Proven Course Creation Process

Whether you work privately with Jane, attend a small group retreat or participate in the next virtual Pathways 60-Day Challenge, this is the proven path you will travel…

Step 1: Craft a Vision for your “Gateway” Course

This is where, together, we decide what course your clients are most likely to buy, refine your topic and craft a vision that will make a difference in the lives of your clients.

Step 2: Clearly define your course and module outcomes

In this step we begin to articulate the lasting, transformational outcomes your clients will enjoy as a result of participating in and completing your online course. 

Step 3: Map out your module content and lessons

Your next step will be to use our powerful process for identifying what you need to include in each module and lesson, to inspire your clients to stay in the game, take powerful steps and experience the results they came to you for.

Step 4: Produce your content with ease

Here we take the hassle and discomfort out of producing your module content whether written, video or audio. With our time-tested production hacks, you will find creating your content fun, simple and incredibly rewarding.

Step 5: Plan your lucrative launch

Now it’s time to follow our Inner Circle Launch process to create immediate revenues, raving fan clients and end up with fabulous testimonials and “success stories” you can incorporate in your marketing.

Additional Thoughts I’d Like You To Consider...

No matter which path you chose to design and deliver your course, you are investing in you, in your business, and in the impact you'll make once it’s complete. This course creation process will pay off both financially and in the confidence you gain in your ability to market effectively and deliver on your promise. 

Let’s consider the number of clients you would need to enroll to break even on this investment. If you follow our Lucrative Launch framework, you will break even on your first or second client into your Inner Circle program. 

How many people are you NOT able to serve because they can’t afford to work with you privately? With an online program you will be able to help clients all over the world with even the most limited budget, allowing you to step into the destiny you are here to fulfill.


… By the end of this program, having a solid, effective online course that you are proud to offer and confident in delivering.  

… Knowing your course is built on a foundation of proven, transformational and educational principles that serve as a conduit for lasting and meaningful change.  

… Having a leveraged source of revenues that delivers value and creates recurring revenues but does not require so much of you!  

“If you’re looking to have a massive breakthrough, you want Jane Deuber’s brain on your business! I’ve had the great privilege of working with Jane to plan my launch strategies, and in one particular case, she saved me about 100 hours of useless work and lost revenue. She helped me with a critical pivot, resulting in more ease and grace while, at the same time, enrolling ideal clients. She’s got a very different approach to business planning that gets you immediately in alignment with your core truth, values and passion, while maximizing your income and results in general. She’s one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs I know with a proven track record of building, launching, scaling and selling businesses at the multiple 7-figure mark.”  

Kim Carpenter, World Changing Women 

“The encouragement and the support I received from Jane was amazing. The fact that I went from zero to where I am now, is a true testament to the value she delivers. Jane’s zone of genius for providing strategies to leverage our process and build a business was so valuable to us. If you are looking to build your business and take to a bigger level, Jane would be a perfect match."

Jeanne Beard, National Autism Academy